Saturday, July 31, 2010

On techniques and styles

I sometimes utilise the ligne claire technique though I am not a comic book artist or cartoon person. The fact is that I love details and I can go on and on drawing, and overdrawing till I have spoilt the piece!

If I recall, this technique is also known as the 'democracy of lines' but I could be wrong. I can't remember the reference now.

Often, I use a variant of the ligne claire technique as I do use a bit of hatching (but avoiding cross-hatching in general) with no crossing of lines. And I mix it with a bit of pointillism to create textures and an illusion of depth. Likewise, the non-crossing hatches.

It is a method amongst a few that I utilise though it is somewhat old-fashioned these days.


  1. That draws me to the mystics and fantasy the likes of Tolkien. I can say it's picturesque at the same time. Masterful use of lines defining materials as well. Good stuffs and great site.

  2. Mitchell, thank you for your kind words. Like yourself, Tolkien did exert an influence, especially when I was in my teens. I grew reading the Lord of the Rings.

    The works of the illustrators which specialised in his works, the likes of Alan Lee, John Howe and Angus McBride, were evocative and memorable.

    May I know if you draw?

  3. I am Red Herring, now you know. Sorry, I forgot to mention that day when I posted this.

  4. Ahh.. I didn't realise that.

    Of course, this technique can be limiting in that the use of lines is constant. Nothing thin nor thick. But I think it takes quite a bit of thinking and skill to get it out well.