Saturday, July 31, 2010

The house in the midst of the forest

Pigment ink sketch. 150mm x 210mm. This was a first sketch from the nucleus of an idea as glimpsed from a small photo which had a ruined stone church. For the composition of the piece, the building is set upon a diminutive promontory for greater visibility and as the centrepiece of this drawing. The foreground would be several trees, thus, creating an illusion of depth. A tree is set in the right behind the building, strengthening that sense of depth.

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  1. Hi Chuang! Thanks for stopping by:) I see your blog has a new look - I like the lighter color a lot. And - I love this drawing. You always capture the beauty of nature and architecture so well.

  2. The old one remains and will consist mainly of commentary, photos, and such. I decided that I would have a new blog consisting only of my drawings and this is it!

  3. It will make it a lot easier instead of having my drawings all over the place.

    I will probably repost some of the 'better' ones from before.