Monday, September 13, 2010

Thian Hock Keng

150mm x 210mm. Pigment ink, watercolours. This was sketched in pencils and ink on-site. The intricate details were close to overwhelming and the decision for framing the piece was no easy matter.

There were numerous tour buses that came and went for long periods and obstructed large sections of the temple compound. I had chosen a head-on composition as I had wanted to capture the entire stretch.

In hindsight, a long piece of paper and a larger piece would have a certain effect that this current one hadn't. Watercolours, unless one were to apply more pigment, was limited in the sense of the darkness of colours. Of course, the darkness would, in a sense, defeat the purpose of the medium, application of more pigment ink? Entirely possible. I would be exploring other avenues in time to come.

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  1. Great attempt! I was there too during the long weekends, and I found the intricate details really intimidating. Managed to sketch 2 pieces, but will definitely go again one day.

    I couldn't join you guys that day...

  2. Thank you! Don, it was overwhelming, the sheer details. I would have to learn to reduce as well as incerase the contrast with stronger colours.